Creamy Vegan Beet Soup Recipe

  • on January 6, 2022
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As need only 6 main ingredients to make this ultimate vegan soup. It is quite similar to borscht soup and serves well with sourdough bread.

This beetroot soup is not just deliciously creamy and hearty but also jam-packed with nutrients. Simply making a winter special creamy, smooth, and savory bowl of rich soup is the ultimate version of a healthy diet. A perfect blend that serves on its own either next to a salad or hearty sourdough bread.

This creamy, smooth, herbs-loaded beetroot soup should be a simple yet healthy diet for a daily meal in winter. A quite easy to make and less time is taken recipe that makes your day happier seems perfect for any event to get a full pack of nutrition in one go. Nowadays as kids have lots of problems digesting veggies without chicken or beef, this gorgeous and healthy soup can make them surrender so easily.

A spring hit its bell and snow start everywhere, we just want some warm bowl that comes in minutes. One should be prepared to get bound at home, so beetroot seems the first thing that is stored in the fridge. Not only for regular meals or lunch breaks but this beetroot soup can perfectly go well as an appetizer before a meal on any occasions of Easters, kids party, or friends gathering. This recipe is very basic which needs some beetroots, finely chopped carrots, potatoes, garlic, ginger, and onion with a stock of veggies or chicken.

A blaster of healthy diet under the flavors of veggies can’t get ignored which is made from scratch at home look-alike restaurant style soup bowl. Either just drink with a spoonful of delights or pair it with some sourdough. This jam-packed with nutrients are surely the priority of all especially in winter, as it helps to keep our body warm during cold days. It’s a hearty mixture of veggies, herbs, and creamy delight which serve as earthy flavors to make your body and mind strong and relax at the same time.

Creamy Vegan Beet Soup Recipe

Nida Shahrukh
This beetroot soup is vibrant, creamy, smooth, savory, and full of flavors. Not just delicious but jam-packed with nutrients to warm up your body.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Soup
Cuisine American, Asian, Western
Servings 4 cups
Calories 139 kcal


  • 4 Fresh Raw Beetroots (peeled, diced)
  • 1  Onion (finely chopped)
  • 3 Garlic Cloves (finely chopped)
  • 1 tbsp. Ginger (finely chopped)
  • 1 Carrot      (roughly chopped)
  • 1   Potato (peeled and chopped)
  • 2 tbsp. Olive Oil
  • 1 stick Celery (finely chopped)
  • 4 ½ cup Chicken/Vegetable Stock/Broth       
  •    Salt      (as required)·  
  • Black Pepper (as required)·  


  • Coconut Cream or Yogurt  
  • Fresh Parsley    
  • Black Sesame Seeds 
  • Black Pepper (cracked)


  • Take a medium size pan, heat oil on medium flame.
  • Add chopped onions, celery, ginger, garlic, beetroot, carrot, and potato. Keep stirring the vegetables until getting all things soft.
  • Add stock, salt, black pepper and bring it to boil. Simmer the mixture for about 25 minutes until the vegetables are getting cooked.
  • Now remove the pan from flame and let it cool down for a while to get a blend.
  • Now pour all the mixture into a blender and make a smooth and perfect soup paste.
  • Now return the smoothie paste to the saucepan again and gently heat up through to get thick.
  • Now take out the soup into a bowl and garnish it with some yogurt or coconut cream, sprinkle some sesame seeds, fresh parsley leaf, and some black pepper.
  •   Now serve hot and enjoy.

What goes perfect with beetroot soup

  • ·      Sour dough bread
    ·      Crispy Baked Chicken Thighs
    ·      Guacamole Green Noodle Salad
    ·       Cabernet Braised Short Ribs
    ·       Orange Glazed Salmon
    ·       Herbs Dumpling
    ·       Roasted Balsamic Chicken With Brussel Sprouts


  • You can make a paste of mixture and freeze it for up to 3 months to make a soup later.
  • For serving; cream cheese or pure yogurt can also go well for garnish.
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