About Us

Chefling Meals is all about passion, love, struggle, and desire.

So we do a warm welcome to our lovely followers! NIDA SHAHRUKH is my full name. I am a recipe developer, motivational speaker, writer, thought analyst, librarian, influencer, a career-oriented person with a heart full of love. A great painter and sketcher with abilities to create new works regularly…..but last not the least a simple housewife as well. Seems different inside me for the last few years, as I get real happiness by making food for my nephew/nieces in different forms with simple to complicated recipes of my own invented.

Work as a librarian and speak among many people do pleasure me, but that career switch decision makes me more bold and confident. So to speak that my inner soul could not have anticipated, but my older self-feel really enthusiastic. Life never gives everyone 2nd chance, which I got after my parent’s death. As to make myself busy, I start making more food for my family, friends, and neighbors. Where I realized how happy I felt to garnish or sprinkle sweet and sour ingredients in my own style.

Chefling meals never are my dream before, as it gets my passion with time. This journey could not be possible without the collaborative work and creative talent of my team and loved ones. It’s not just a work for me, but a way to share my thought, a platform to speak with my heart, a place where I can able do whatever I want to do, a path to get connected with my audience to tell them or to listen to them about each other.

Firstly Almighty ALLAH is the one who makes me able; as what am I today. Now want to dedicate my pride and success to the close ones of my heart; especially my late parents, who make me able of who I am today, also my lovingly supported in-laws as well.

As my husband SHAHRUKH, who actually polished me, inspire me to recognize my own abilities, to support me in doing what I love the most, to make me independent. All of this wouldn’t be possible without him.

My team coordinator ABDUL REHMAN, web designer on this site. A wonderful and most tolerable person, who actually took patience a lot during my busy days; also the person who actually help me to work online.

Painting and sketching always be my first love, as I always get immense satisfaction by nature. We all have different mood swings problems, so I have mine as well; so I change my drawing skills into cutting, making, and garnishing food for my loved ones.

Let Your Dreams Chase Their values

Here you’ll find tried-and-true recipes for all my favorite salad to the main dish, even sprinkling of an appetizer to desserts and cocktails. My goal is simply to build up my confidence level in my audience and knowledge to cook and bake from scratch to be able to utilize whatever you have while providing quality recipes and plenty of pictures. Food can’t speak but still, convey its message so perfectly without any racism. So just come here, take some breaths, and start cultivating your own desire of doing something more amazing than this. Welcome, everyone.